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Grassroots Organizing for a Multiparty

Our electoral system has produced a two-party culture of conflict and gridlock.
We believe a better democracy is possible.



of Californians think that we need a third major party. -PPIC


of the highest ranked 30 democracies have more than 4 political parties. -Economist Democracy Index



of the highest ranked 30 democracies use some form of proportional representation. -Economist Democracy Index

California has grown to become an economic nation within a nation and a driving cultural influence across the world. But as our State has grown, so have its challenges, and California’s political and electoral institutions have operated largely unchanged for two centuries.


Our State Legislature’s responses to climate change, immigration, housing affordability, healthcare costs, and homelessness have not met the needs nor the demands of Californians. Winner-take-all elections and our two-party duopoly have restricted representation and limited progress.


With Proportional Representation, people’s choices are reflected in more than a binary debate, minority opinions are given a voice, solutions are discussed in a differentiated way, and issues that would otherwise be left off the political agenda receive the light of public attention.

By reforming our electoral system and adopting  Proportional Representation, we can transition to a multiparty democracy that will better represent everyone in our communities, foster political compromise, offer voters more meaningful choices,  and increase government responsiveness. ​


It's time to diversify the political landscape of California.

Why does California need more political parties?
Learn more here: 

Representing the Golden State

The Road to Multiparty Democracy in California

January 2024


What is

Launched in 2023, ProRep Coalition is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with a mission to enable multiparty democracy in California through education and coalition-building for Proportional Representation

ProRep brings together Californians who believe a better democracy is possible — one in which all voices are heard. We are building a coalition of political parties, activists, academics, and non-profit organizations to seed a grassroots movement for meaningful electoral reform.

Together, we will bridge the gap between the public demand for change and real action, because California deserves a 21st-century democratic system capable of addressing 21st-century challenges.


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