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Representing the Golden State

The Road to Multiparty Democracy 

in California

By ProRep Coalition

January 2024

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California's Alternative Parties:
Statement of Support for Proportional Representation

By ProRep Coalition

February 2024

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Learn more about Proportional Representation

How To Depolarize  a Country 

By Zach Beauchamp,        Vox Media


American Democracy Is Broken. Can Proportional Representation Fix It?

By Osita Nwanevu,          New Republic

Op-Ed    |     3.7.2022

Quiz: If America Had Six Parties, Which Would You Belong To?

By Lee Drutman,          NY Times

Op-Ed    |     9.8.2021

One Reform to
  Save America

By David Brooks,          NY Times

Op-Ed    |     5.31.2018

Here's a Different Way  To Fix Gerrymandering

By  Christopher S. Fowler & 

Linda L. Fowler,

Washington Post

Analysis  |     7.6.2021

Our Three Futures

By Lee Drutman,       New America

Analysis    |     2.23.2022

American Democracy Can't Survive Unless the Far Right Is Marginalized. Here's How to Do It

By Lee Drutman, 


Ideas   |     3.19.2021

How To Fix Democracy: Move Beyond the Two-Party System, Experts Say

By  Christopher Ingraham,

Washington Post

Analysis  |     3.1.2021

The Two-Party System Is Killing Our Democracy

By Lee Drutman,  Vox Media


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