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Felix Ling


Felix serves on the boards of Californians for Electoral Reform (CfER) and ProRep Coalition, serving ProRep Coalition as Treasurer and CfER as Chief Financial Officer, both since 2022. He was also elected Secretary of CfER in 2024. In the past, he served as co-chair of the Libertarian Party’s Alternative Voting Committee in 2021 and as the Social Media Manager for the California Ranked Choice Voting Coalition (Cal RCV) from its launch in 2021 until 2023, when he took over running ProRep Coalition's Twitter account.

Felix has been a registered Libertarian since 2020, and before that, he was a registered Republican for over twenty years. Although not a trained political scientist, he is an avid reader of political science research, particularly within comparative politics. He is currently a Financial Advisor at UBS Financial Services and has also been a software engineer and an economics lecturer. 

Felix has a master's in applied economics from San Jose State University and a bachelor's in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences from the University of California at Berkeley. In his spare time, he loves playing the guitar, perfecting his jump shot, trying to learn how to skateboard, and making people laugh. He and his wife are raising two boys in Orange County, California.

Felix Ling
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