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About ProRep

Launched in 2023, ProRep Coalition is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with a mission to enable multi-party democracy in California through education and coalition-building for (Pro)portional (Rep)resentation. 

ProRep brings together Californians who believe a better democracy is possible — one in which all voices are heard. We are building a coalition of political parties, activists, academics, and non-profit organizations to seed a grassroots movement for meaningful electoral reform.

Together, we will bridge the gap between the public demand for change and real action, because California deserves a 21st-century democratic system capable of addressing 21st-century challenges.


ProRep's Board of Directors

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  Aaron Tiedemann                                              Amari Mcgaha                                                    Caledon Myers
              (he/him)                                                                                         (she/her)                                                                                      (he/him)                    

     Felix Ling                                                            Jessie Huang                                                      Johannes Epke     
                   (he/him)                                                                                       (she/her)                                                                                     (she/her)                                                                     

                                                       Nassim Nouri                                              Vanessa von Hilchen
                                                                         (she/her)                                                                                  (she/her) 

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Our Principles

"Let every [person] make known what kind of government would command [their] respect, and that will be one step closer toward obtaining it."  -Henry David Thoreau

The kind of government that would command our respect is a robust, inclusive multi-party democracy. What informs this preference is an unwavering commitment to the larger theory of democracy.

That is, the belief that the best form of government is one that acknowledges there exists a diversity of thought, that each of those thoughts is valued equally, with neither a right nor wrong, but the ongoing pursuit of compromise for the sake of progress. To that end, we take the values and principles of democracy to heart in our approach to electoral reform.  We believe that in order to enact real change, we need to understand those we disagree with as  much as those we do. We want to hear the thoughts and feelings of people from all walks of life. Too often, the divisiveness of our political institutions translates into divisiveness in our public lives. There is a dangerous tendency to judge the entirety of a person's character on their political preferences. We have no interest in contributing to this culture of demonization. 

Instead, during the mission to diversify the political ties that bind us, we will work to exemplify the democratic values of fairness, consensus, and equality in the hopes that doing so will help to uplift the better angels of all our natures. 

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